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Web Development Trends to follow in 2019

A website is the best salesman for your business who can sell your product or service 24/7. It gives you more than just the presence and a great platform for your customers to experience and interact with your products or services anytime anywhere.

For a physical store, it's location, interior & exterior designs and overall ambience are very important for the success of the business. Similarly, a website's user interface, how convenient it is for your users, so they turn into your customers and the technology it is built with is very important to understand the business performance and success in the online world.

Our experts at Code Honchos have listed the top website development trends to follow in 2019. We believe that regardless of the industry, every business should have these imparted into their website.

  1. Single Page & Minimal Websites
  2. Usage of single page and keeping the websites minimal went out of fashion in 2014 but here it is back with a bang powered by the material & minimal design thought process. They are a combination of simplicity yet sophistication in delivering user satisfaction without overloading them with visual cues which obviously leads to more distraction as per experts.

    These type of websites are usually designed using “mobile-first” approach which later evolves to other devices like desktop & tablet.

  3. Web Apps
  4. During earlier days, delivering or even creating complex solutions required a lot of softwares and technology did not support much to implement this. Gone are the days and there is Progressive Web Apps now which has all the range and one can take extra advantage of using the device/systems storage, computing power to deliver complex functions for the user in a simpler way.

    There’s a common belief that Web apps are for enterprise and bigger companies which is wrong and it can be used more effectively for small & medium businesses as well.

  5. Transitions/Motion User Interface (Motion UI)
  6. Transitions and Motion UI are the most preferred way among major companies & experts for user engagement on the website. Your business would be able to grab both new & existing user’s attention at the right touch points and obviously navigating the user towards doing desired call to actions.

    This is highly customisable and one arena where there is a lot more to come in the forthcoming months.

  7. Chatbots & AI
  8. Intelligent chatbots such as Intercom & Facebook messenger are going to occupy a major share in the space of lead engagement.

    These chatbots interact, encourage users to submit vital business specific information even when the business operators are away. This was one main factor that was missing in the old chatbots or any such technology we’ve had in the past.

    These chatbots are intelligent and they learn from every single query which implies that more instances of chatbots providing answers based out of a predefined set of interactions with the user or based on the learning ability of the chatbot.

    In popular chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is so deeply integrated that you would be getting the most intelligent answers to your questions. This amazing technology is expected to be a major Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) technique in 2019.

As a business owner, if your current web provider has not done this for your business - then you are losing modern audience who understands technology big time. We’d be glad to employ our expertise to help businesses and agencies with custom design & development with ROI in mind, Ask us how?

We often share such latest trends, tips and ideas on web development and other related areas, subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks for taking time to read this article and do share your ideas in the comments section.

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