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Five Web design trends in 2019

The number of websites is growing exponentially.

And it is getting all the more tough to be noticeable.

If the website is not eye-catchy enough - you will not be able to attract new visitors or retain returning visitors.

Hence, the best way forward would be to give your website a refresh as per the current trend.

So, here are our five web design trends you need to know today.

1. Minimal, mobile first, secure and video background design

Google is now giving priority indexing to websites which are highly mobile friendly and https enabled/secure. The main reason behind this is that almost 60% of traffic now comes in from mobile devices.

With minimal designs being done first for mobile also helps in making them faster on desktop and tablet.

Combining this with a video background implies incredible user engagement.

2. Micro-interactions

Yes, you read it right, people now like the interactions and animations on websites. The average attention span now has dropped from minutes to seconds. Animations help in retaining or bringing back lost focus.

3. Bold colours and typography

This trend is picking up faster than expected. Everyone now loves bold, bright colours and no-nonsense fonts.

As a word of caution, refrain from playing with fonts too much.

  • Try to use straight & perfect looking fonts as much as possible
  • Always maintain uniform font size set across the entire website
  • Take particular care about vertical and character spacing, try and keep them perfect for reading across devices
  • Keep enough width for text blocks for an optimum reading experience
  • Make the colour palette and font size intuitive for the user

4. White space or free space

Try and keep up to 40% on your website for all your pages. This way there would always be a pleasing impact on the eyes of the visitor.

5. Bullet points

Having bullet points wherever relevant can help reduce drop-offs from the website. Also, it is easy for the visitor to understand and get clear takeaways.

The tricky part is how powerful your web design is, in showcasing a bullet point list to the visitor.

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