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SERP features displays the result in a more unique and informative way. All SERP features help you to drive more audience to your website.

For more website traffic and conversion take advantage of these SERP features.

Want to Win the 0th position and special box using SERP features? Ask us How?

Types of SERP Features
1 Google Ads.
2 Rich Answers.
3 People Also Ask.
4 Featured Snippet.
5 Knowledge Panel.
6 Google’s Local 3-Pack.
7 Image Pack.
8 In-Depth Articles.
9 Shopping results.
10 Reviews.
11 Video Snippets.
12 Top Stories.
13 Site Links.
14 AMP.
15 Twitter.
16 Direct Answer Box.

In this article we have covered most of the SERP features with examples:

Google Ads is the most common SERP features that you would have noticed. Google Ads is either displayed in the top or at the bottom.

For a Small Business, paid advertising will make more users visit your website.

Organic results displayed between the Top and the Bottom of the Ads. Based on your Niche, opt for Paid Ads to target more potential customers.

2. Rich Answers

Rich Answers is usually a quick direct reply from Google for that particular query without specifying any of the sites above the fold.

In order to take up the 0th position for providing the search results in a customized way first, you have to identify the user queries and then Google helps you to identify them with the help of autocomplete.

Optimizing the questions based on user’s search requirements is still a fascinating feature that reduces the search timing for the user.

3. People Also Ask Box

With the help of thorough knowledge about the topics and other details related to the topic which the people wanted to know. You can create a Questionnaire session regarding that topic in order to help the user with what they are searching for.

Featured Snippets not only provides an immediate result but also drives users to the results page.

Featured Snippet might be of any type be it Numbered list, paragraphs, Bullet points, tables Snippets are the best way to respond in a quick way and sometimes they answer half of the question.

How choosing keywords play a major role in displaying it as the Featured Snippet.

For all the “What” queries Google displays a definition box that consists of the answers that the user was searching for. Sometimes Google displays them in an Ordered list and Definitive list.

For the specific table data like featured snippets, first Google grabs the data and based on the data they channelize and display the answer for the queries in the format of tables for better understanding for the users.

Some of the effective ways to rank your snippet are by providing the relevant information to the user along with the usage of the right keywords.


Knowledge panel is one of the often noticed features in Google's results page. Google Knowledge Panel is of two types one is Local Google Knowledge Panel and the other one is the Branded Google Knowledge panel.

To rank higher in the local SEO, the best technique is to add the Local Google Knowledge Panel for small Businesses. You have the option of editing your Knowledge panel through Google My Business so anytime you can edit them easily.


Google My Business helps you in adding the contact details, location, customer reviews and no of hours for the user to easily access the essential details of your website.

Most of the Business people are using Google My Business to improve the online presence and visibility of their website.

6. Google Local 3 Pack

The latest rolled out update allows Business listings in packs of three. The Google Local 3-Pack displays only the name of the Business and the reviews. The Local 3-Pack keeps changing and by using SEO efficiently you can list your Business page in 3 Pack.

Keep adding the fields in your Google My Business account in case yours is not listed in the Local 3 Pack.

7. Image Pack

Image pack is when you are hunting for images, Google will display a set of images horizontally related to your search query.

In certain cases, Google includes the images in the featured Snippets section itself.

Your ranking should be high with a quality image in order to get your image featured in the snippet.

8. In-Depth Article

SEO wise in-depth articles refer to three separate snippets that provide the search results in a more refined way. One main advantage of In-Depth articles is to gain more traffic from multiple links given in the snippet. The user could easily navigate to the rest of the pages right from the snippet.

9. Shopping Results

As the name suggests, this SERP feature is best for online Business. Any Product along with the name and price is displayed in the Shopping Results box.

You must have a Google Merchant Center for displaying the ads on the results page. Google tracks your site performance and mainly your Ad campaigns and the bids. Based on the bid and targeted keywords for your ad campaign Google displays the product ads.

10. Reviews & Ratings

In the search results below the website URL, you will be able to see the review along with ratings for some websites. The advantage of having reviews for your website on the results page will outsmart other Business. Moreover having reviews or ratings for your Business will make yours look more trustworthy.


For certain search queries, right in the place of featured Snippets Google displays the answer in the form of videos.

In general, informational and valuable videos tend to gain a lot of attention. So be clear with the idea of whether you are posting the video in the snippet since not all snippets with videos get much attention.

For posting Videos Snippets use Google Webmaster Tools for submitting your Video Sitemap.

12. Top Stories

Google shows Top Stories when searched for a place and the trending news or stories related to that place.

For example, here we searched for Japan and Google has displayed the Top Stories related to Japan.

Site Links is one of the useful features of SERP where the users could directly navigate to all of your sites from the search results page. Site Link SERP feature works well for Sponsored campaigns too.

Site Links reduces the search time by adding more useful information for the user which retains your results above the fold.

14. AMP

Most of the people are using mobile for surfing and buying products online. So the loading speed and usability is the main factor for any website.

AMP is nothing but Accelerated Mobile Page designed mainly for faster loading of the webpages in mobile devices. it is mandatory for any website to be Mobile-friendly for improving the user experience by reducing the loading time.

15. Twitter

Google collaborated with Twitter a couple of years back and for few search queries, Google started showing up the recent Tweets regarding the queries. To gain such SERP advantage for your Brand, you have to be active on Twitter and have a huge amount of engaging followers for sustaining this SERP feature.


For some of the general queries like “what is the radius of the Sun” google directly answers them without having to quote any of the sites since they are a general public question.

In the early days, Google answers with a list of search results but the latest SERP feature provides crisp answers in the results page itself.
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SERP features helps you to provide a crisp and essential information that the user is searching for. With the usage of compelling SERP features, you can outshine your competitors. Yet another important strategy is to optimize them effectively and choose the appropriate SERP feature for your Brand.

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