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What is Link Building?

Link Building is to gain links from other websites to link back to your website. An effective Link Building strategy can improve the ranking of your site.

Why is Link Building important?

  • * Gains you more visibility by helping you in getting indexed in search results easily.
  • * More credibility and improves online reputation.
  • * Higher website authority and improved search rankings.

Authoritative link is Important

Quality links from authoritative sites are important to make your audience trust your site. A reliable site keeps their audience engaged by constantly providing High-Quality content.


There are three types of links:

Internal links: Links on your site to your own content.

Outbound links: Links from your site to other sites.

Inbound links/backlinks: Links from other sites to your site.

Links can be classified as:

Dofollow - Links that pass link authority and improve SEO ranking.

Nofollow - Links that don't pass authority and rank to the target site.

Here are few Link Building strategies that will help you in gaining Quality links for your site:


Publishing a blog helps you gain more backlinks and visibility to your site. Coming up with fresh content is one of the common link building strategies. When you update your blog consistently, there is a high chance of gaining links from other blogs as well. But avoid low quality backlinks even if your aim is to gain more backlinks. Let your content be useful for your audience and also refurbish your top performing content which gains more traffic.


Online directories are an easy way to gain links and drive more traffic to your website. Online Directories are available for free as well as paid. Find the right directory for your Business by choosing a targeted audience by considering domain authority. You can use some of the tools like Moz, Ahrefs to check for the domain authority. The more the DA of a website, the more you can rank higher on SERP.


Link exchange is one of the good practices which can improve the site traffic and help you achieve your Business goals. Link exchange is beneficial and helps to improve the search engine result. Links are important since they are votes of trust and improve the credibility of your site. When you exchange links with authoritative sites you build reputation and get targeted audiences visiting your site.


Anchor text helps Google understand what the page is all about quickly and easily without having to scan the entire page. Internal link building is one of the easiest ways where you link your own pages together. But too much usage of Anchor text will make Google sense your site might be spam. Choose the text since it is important to sound relevant to your audience. Google algorithm understands your website content through anchored text.


Have you wondered how your competitors are ranking well with quite a lot of links? Following your competitors can help you understand what strategies your competitors are using. Be it keywords, blog or links they have, explore the tactics they use so that it might be helpful to improve your site in some or the other ways. Inspect and analyze your competitor's link to get an insight.


Broken link building increases the authority of your site and it is nothing but finding the dead outbound links on the website and you can offer them the replacement link that redirects to your blog/site. Having high-quality backlinks is an important off-page SEO factor. Broken link building benefits you as well as the publisher.


Guest blogging and email outreaching is still the best way to gain backlinks. It improves your brand visibility since many people visit from other sites where you have gained links. Guest Blogging enhances Brand reputation and increases organic traffic. You gain instant traffic from the targeted audience and also you can expand your network. The more you outreach, the more links you gain. But choosing quality over quantity is important when it comes to links.


Link Building when done in an organic manner by following the above strategies you can surely improve the ranking and authority of your website. Buying links might be easy but it is not the best practice and your site might get suspended by Google. There are many ethical and effective link building strategies and all it takes is some time.

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