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WEBP the next gen Format for image

WebP is a free open source image format released by Google. WebP provides both lossy and lossless compression for better-optimized images. Compared to JPG and PNG, WebP generates small images with the same exact quality.

Why Should you use WebP?

With WebP, resizing of an image with exact quality becomes easier. Comparing JPG and PNG, WebP lossy images were 30% smaller and lossless images were 25% smaller.

Source Ref: https://caniuse.com/#search=webp

Currently, it only supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera, edge but Internet Explorer, Safari, IOS Safari does not support WebP.

WebP Compatibility:
  • Chrome version 23 - 67.
  • Opera supports WebP for Version 12.1 - 53
  • Firefox supports for version 65.0

The perks of using WebP is it’s faster loading speed and less bandwidth consumption.

WebP helps to reduce the bounce rate and loads faster retaining the image quality and also makes Google happier–Yeah, you heard that right! Users always tend to prefer the fastest loading websites over the one’s which takes a relatively long time to load.

The two main factors for using WebP:

1. One is the reduced file size without a mere drop in quality.

2. Usage of WebP actually decreases the file size by 40 to 55 % with increased page speed rating and also improves the site loading time

Google claims that when they switched from YouTube thumbnails to WebP it resulted in a 10% increase in page speed

WebP can be used for both graphics and photography. Since WebP is slowly evolving the only major drawback is it is not compatible with all the browsers.

Benefits of using WebP

By using old image formats, compression always results in a bargain. JPG lossy compression leads to disintegration of the clarity and fineness of an image.

To know more about it Click Here

In general, WebP lossy compression results in files that are between 25% and 34% smaller than JPGs of the same quality.

PNG lossless compression, it does work well in maintaining the quality of an image, but it doesn’t have a noteworthy impact on image size like JPG.

WebP handles this type of compression more efficiently and effectively. When compared to JPEG and PNG, WebP makes use of an efficient compression algorithm.

To know more about it Click Here

For those who wish to use WebP, but afraid of the broken image appearing in mac.Here is a fix, until apple accepts WebP as an image format in Safari browsers.

<source srcset="image.webp" type="image/webp" >
<source srcset="image.jpg" type="image/jpeg" >
<img src="image.webp" alt="" >
</picture >


Uncompressed Images takes a lot of time for loading the websites. If they’re not uploaded at the right size or not compressed, your images is the main reason for much time consumption.

WebP allows you to reduce the image file size and at the same time retain the image quality. Cut down the Bounce rate for your website by enhancing the speed of your website using WebP.
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