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E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. These are the three main factors that Google considers as a metric to evaluate your website. To provide users with what they needed and a good user experience Google considers this score.

The ultimate purpose of the E-A-T score is to give the users the best results. Another reason why Google is more into E-A-T is to eradicate low-quality content. E-A-T concept is briefly discussed in Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines.

Why is E-A-T important?

  • Google picks the right webpages for the users to answer their queries.
  • E-A-T score ensures the content is valuable for the users.
  • Quick and easily findable solutions are what the users are expecting.
  • Users search intent search matches exactly with the meaning of the content.
  • The ranking of the webpage is genuinely decided based on the E-A-T score.
  • E-A-T helps in seeing more content that focuses mainly on users in the future.

E-A-T: Expertise

The literal meaning of Expertise is to be skillful in that particular niche. In terms of SEO, Expertise in E-A-T means to provide in-depth and useful information for the users. Expertise mainly focuses on easily findable and valuable information related to the queries.

Ways to Improve the Expertise factor:

1. Deliver Quality Content:

Your users will always seek information or solutions that will be helpful for them, Deliver them High-Quality and valuable content and it’s the only way you could make the audience stay engaged in your website.

2. Research A-Z

When you have decided to give a piece of information to your users, give them all that they need. Irrespective of the topic being small or Big, provide them brief information about the topic. Google allows only the quality content to be displayed at the top of the search results. Tweak your content based on the SEO Guidelines and also optimize your content to provide better results.

3. Keep Adding Fresh contents

When it comes to good SEO, Fine-tune your articles by frequently updating them with the latest updates. Fresh content helps you make your audience engaged with your website. More visitors will be obtained for your website if you keep adding fresh content.

4. Understand the Search Intent

A buyer persona will help you gain insight into your customers. Collecting all the requirements of your users will help you to better understand your audience.

First, understand the user search intent by analyzing what information the user exactly needs. Curating content based on user search intent will help the users and also your E-A-T score gets improved.

Website Ranking is achieved by delivering quality content to the users.

5. Add Author Byline

Byline is nothing but the name used while writing. Writing a Byline helps you connect with your audience. Byline improves the visibility for your author as well as the publishers can share your content across all the platforms easily.

E-A-T: Authoritativeness

Quality Backlink from authority sites

Working on authority is important for gaining more visibility for your website. To gain reputation, authority is one of the main factors.

Gaining Backlinks is not a piece of cake at the same time it is not a herculean task. There are many sites available for gaining backlinks. Make sure you gain backlinks only from Quality sites.

Remove any low-Quality links that affect the credibility of your site by checking your backlink profile & Disavow such links.

E-A-T: Trustworthiness


Security is one of the major ranking factors that Google looks upon. A quality backlink, content and Brand reputation are all considered for E-A-T evaluation. Website security is also crucial and it is taken into account as part of the ranking factor.

Make sure your website is having an SSL certificate. Any site without HTTPS is considered as “not secure” by Google.

To provide a safe medium for users, Google considers security factors more intensely for better user experience.

Use Social Media Marketing Strategies

One of the best Social Media Marketing efforts is to first understand the context and search queries of your users. Keep your users engaged through Social Media posts by creating contests and polls.

Stay Active in all Mediums

The best way to reach more people quickly and organically is through social presence. By being active in all mediums, you can gain more visibility for your Brand by promoting them on all platforms.

Kickstart your Social Media Marketing Today & Reach us for Free Assistance!!

Increase your authority in Forums

To Boost your Google Ranking, gaining Dofollow links from Authoritative Blogs and Forums helps you with increase in your Domain authority. Guest posts and Blog forums help you in improving your Domain authority and your ranking.

Website Reviews & Ratings

The positive website reviews and ratings that your website has gained increases the trust. If you think you have provided an exceptional service, you can ask your clients or customers to leave a review.

Gaining a good reputation from your users will help in improving your Google search ranking. A bunch of good Reviews & ratings will have a huge impact on improving website traffic.

Reputation is Important

Providing the users good User experience and quality content will improve the engagement rate. Gain reputation by responding to your users ASAP which increases the trustworthiness of your brand.

Reputation is often gained from people because they reach your website and find it useful. Stay connected with your audience by responding to their queries.

When you provide relevant results to your audience you improve the quality score of your content.


On the whole, SEO is not about finding quick ways to gain more traffic through keywords Stuffing. SEO is about understanding Algorithm updates like BERT update and working on it to answer the search queries by the users. Optimize your website by following Google’s guidelines to improve your E-A-T score. With a good E-A-T score you can gain more reputation for your website by providing a good user experience.

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