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A Recap of Frontend Development in 2019


“React.js”was the buzzword of 2019 which was constantly used by many of the front end developers(even by angular.js developers). React.js was considered as the best web frameworks for the last couple of years.

According to StackOverflow 2019 survey, Reactjs holds the top position and surprisingly Vue.js holds the second. Above all angular.js was pushed to ninth position(Maybe the learning curve is steep ahead).

React.js focuses only on View part (MVC) but has numerous advantages especially this library when compared to other frameworks. According to me, React.js holds the number one position because of its usability and features.

WebAssembly: 4th Language In Web After HTML, CSS and JS

Web assembly, the pre-compiler for browser is finally accepted as an official language by W3C consortium. To enrich the web experience and functionality, WebAssembly is recommended by web consortium & Techgiants.

Why web assembly?

Can we run photoshop on a browser?Hell NO! But it’s a yes with web assembly which is easily achievable. WebAssembly primarily focuses on achieving web performance and minimal loading time. So far web assembly(.wasm) is collaboratively developed to run programming language in a web browser.


TypeScript, the superset of javascript which is gaining stupendous momentum among developers. Typescript is actually designed to develop large-sized applications and trans compiled into native javascript. While 2019 is meant to be the year for “.ts” since it reached the third after rust and python which was loved by developers.

Flutter Vs React Native

Flutter the direct competitor of react-native is slowly overcoming the previous disadvantages. Since Airbnb stopped using react-native, Developers started using google’s flutter as both are used for the Hybrid app development.

Flutter holds the Github star’s around 80.5k whereas React-native is 83k since both are close to each other. It clearly states that flutter is going to hold the biggest footprint in the hybrid app development

GraphQL - Gaining Momentum

RESTful Web services provide request and response mechanisms for API. But REST has some uphold issues which are solved by GraphQL. Soon developers will switch from REST to GraphQL since it is data-driven. That allows the client to declare the necessary data to receive it as a JSON response from the server. A schema has been generated in a document that provides all the data and data types in the API. As of now GraphQL is growing gradually and will replace the usage of REST with graphQL next year.

VS Code dominates in Text Editor zone

According to stack overflow 2019, developers chose Visual studio code as their editors due to its convenience. Nevertheless, it truly holds the perfect editor for development among well versed IDE’s that shows the pure win. In Android development, VS code became the second editor since it has the required plugin/extension. Also VS Code can be added at any time rather than bundled with the entire IDE.

Native App development for Enterprises

Airbnb openly dumped its usage of react-native due to its poor performance. From then on the developers switched from hybrid app development to Native App Development (Android and IOS). A hype was created by developers that react-native will be an alternative for native app development.

Multiple tweaks are needed for advanced features in hybrid development. And for such reasons Enterprises move on to their native app development and it might be their preferred stack in 2020 too. Even though this is blindly proven in the stackoverflow survey as Kotlin positioned in fourth with all close calls among top languages.

Database: SQL is Supreme but Distributed SQL will be Prefered still

A few years back when NoSQL was much prefered, people started pointing out SQL’s limitations. Many people thought sooner or later NoSQL is going to lead the database world replacing SQL.

But later on NoSQL too had a few limitations like the lack of ACID compliances. This factor creates a shift again to SQL as it offers ACID properties, which are the foreseen requirements of any business applications. Compromising ACID properties NoSQL offers only horizontal scaling . This way SQL regains its position compared to other versions.

In Summary,

In 2020, WebAssembly will be commonly used because of its performance factor. And for Small businesses and Startups TypeScript will be the default choice. Instead of CSS, CSS along with JavaScript may become the default styling type. In 2020, without having to strain much on writing codes you could develop an app at ease.

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