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5 simple SEO tips to grow your website in 2019

Every business owner’s biggest worry is to get more traffic and keep their website SEO top-notch. Google is known for changing search algorithm frequently causing massive fluctuations in search results. The competition is getting tougher by day with businesses focusing on SEO and spending more to stay on top. The overall Internet traffic is constant with just marginal growth each year. The race to reach the top gets tougher with companies looking to grab competitor’s market.

Well, in these tough times here are our five easy SEO tips, that can bring in massive results. They are simple, quick fixes and not many are doing them, so less competition.

  1. Revise your well-performing content and submit it to Google for indexing - In simple words, make your old content, new again. And if possible use your relevant keywords in the new content that you add.
  2. Try doing something called as Video SEO in YouTube
  3. Look towards getting brand mention links
  4. Create, Circulate and build Community
  5. Focus on user engagement

1. Revise your well-performing content

The reason your old content is performing so well is mainly due to the right keywords and as it engages the readers. The best way to make it work much better is by adding new content to it. When you add new content that helps in increasing relevancy and more valuable information, Google appreciates it well.

So after doing the refresh if you visit your website's search console and submit it again for indexing - it's a well-executed job. Google will put in a priority crawl and index it faster as its an updated version. And if your new content had new keywords for you, then you are likely to get new traffic from Google search.

2. Video SEO in YouTube

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine. People love to learn as well as know 'how to' do things via video tutorials. Creating videos and publishing them on YouTube is the best possible way to get more visitors to your website.

All you need to do are these:

  1. Create videos relevant to your audience or repurpose your existing, high performing content into video
  2. Add these videos to YouTube with great video titles, description with links to your relevant website sections and social media.
  3. Add relevant hashtags, up to 3, in your video description as well
  4. Add relevant keywords as tags in your video editing page

Relevant Hashtags combined with keywords are great SEO tips for your video and can help increase viewership and thereby, traffic to your website.

3. Get brand mentions

It is necessary to get more people mentioning and talking about your brand. The easiest way to get mentions is via social media. Try and get your close friends, as well as customers to mention your services/products on social media. Or even better have them share your content or tag you in their posts.

As more and more mentions, tags and shared content of yours increase, there would be new people talking about your brand.

4. Create, Circulate and build Community

Try and build a community around your brand. The easiest way is to do social/charity work and inspire others to do the same as well. Share such content on your social media, tag relevant people and take steps for your cause. Build such goodwill for your brand online to drive relevant traffic to your website.

5. User engagement

Many websites write content which has the keywords they want to rank for in Google search. The problem is the lack of user/reader engagement.

It is necessary to keep in mind that for any meaningful action to happen, the user has to be engaged and the best way to do it is by connecting with them.

Therefore, instead of writing content stuffed with keywords, please focus on writing content that connects with your users. That does not mean you do not use the keywords at all. Just keep them to a maximum of 4 per page and write content which your readers/users would appreciate. Visualise your best customer while writing content to make it as relevant as possible. Use buyer personas for this purpose.

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