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How to improve the ranking of my website organically? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people.

If you are not searching for a shortcut like Sponsored Ad then this article is for you! Doing SEO and optimizing your site content and structure according to Google search Engine.

To Improve your website Ranking on SERP do a little bit of research and use simple SEO techniques. To know more about website ranking & to get a Free Website Audit Reach us here!

Here are a few easy ways to increase your Website ranking:

The Best User Experience

A good UX (User Experience) design will improve your ranking and visitors for your website.

Designing a website based on user point of view and clients requirement is quite challenging.At the end of the day, traffic and conversion is all that matters.

But understanding your users search intent and what information they are seeking is essential for creating a User-Friendly website.

Improving Site Structure

By improving the site structure, you can improve your SEO. It sounds simple right? But having a good site structure might help in improving the ranking of your website.

Easier navigation to all the fields with less amount of clicks will increase your CTR.

Work on On-Page SEO Elements

On-Page elements include Header Tags, Meta Tags & Meta Description and Content. Make your On-Page SEO elements clear by specifying what your Business niche is all about. The most important factor is to include the primary keywords in your SEO elements.

Choose the Right Keywords

Use the best keyword tool to find the relevant keywords.

There are several free keyword tools available. Some of the free keyword tool which you can use is:

Pick keywords with Moderate to High Search volume with less competitors. Choose Long-tail keywords and also take the keywords from the related searches related to your website.

Target your audience and increase the engagement rate by selecting appropriate keywords.

Competitor Analysis

One of the best SEO Keyword Research strategies is to analyze what keywords your competitors are ranking.

Consistently keep a track of the current Keywords with more search volume. Find the best ways to use them in the right place of your content.

Choose keywords that are of High search volume and at the same time less competitive.

SEO Friendly Content

Content is always the king if it’s for the Right audience with Right Topic and Right Keywords. Content marketing gains 3x more conversion and also plays a major role in improving website ranking.

Update Relevant Content regularly since Google Freshness Algorithm like fresh and updated content.

Make sure your content is keyword rich and used appropriately.

Usage of Images & Videos

Images and videos are an integral part of SEO and proves the quality and authoritativeness of the content.

From the recent stat, there was a 40% increase in conversion rate and user engagement for blogs which have sufficient images and valuable videos.

About 10x more people are interested in videos and prefer non-text mediums to gather information.

Internal Linking

What is Internal Linking?

Internal Linking are links from one page to another page from the same domain.

Internal Links would be of great help if they are used properly and sometimes can even boost the ranking. If you are serious about organic traffic, then use internal links wisely for your website.

Another advantage of using an internal link for the user is to discover more new content. Internal Linking is always a win-win since visibility is gained for other contents too.

Image SEO (Optimizing Images for SEO)

One major factor which can increase the traffic is faster loading speed. Any webpage that takes much time to load can increase the bounce rate.

Your pagespeed improves by reducing the image file size. Image SEO also includes adding your keywords in the filename of the image. It is one of the best practises when you have more images.

CTA ->CTR (Conversion)

Call-to-action(CTA) is an important factor for a website and with which the conversion rate improves.

Usage of best Call-To-Action can improve the Click-through-Rate and drive more traffic for the website. CTA’s above the fold gains more clicks rather than CTA’s placed in the footer.

By gaining the attention of the user through CTA’s in Title Tag, H1, Meta Description & Schema you can gain more traffic.

Gain Backlinks (Quality)

Acquire Backlinks to your website from relevant sites and trusted sites of your niche. Gaining Backlinks is the best way to increase the Domain authority and page ranking.

Add your Website listings in the Local Directories to improve your DA & PA gradually. Guest Blogging can gain you a dofollow backlink to improve your ranking.

Participate on forums and social media groups to be in track of your niche. Join the discussions and help people by answering and if it’s relevant you can share the links of your blog.

Fixing Broken Links

Frequently check for any broken links and fix them immediately since they might affect your website performance.Fixing 404 errors and redirects might save your website from gaining more bounce rates.

Improve Your Local Search

Make use of schema and optimize your listings for “Google My Business” by providing the information related to your Business.

Your Local clients can reach you easily if all of your details are updated in the listing.

Interacting with your customers and asking them to leave a review will be an added advantage.

Target “Above the Fold”

By targeting the LSI and long-tail keywords and working on your On-Page elements you can appear at the top of the Google search.

The higher the chances of staying at the top position, more users visit your website and stay engaged,.

Optimizing your website in all aspects of on-page, off-page and technical side will help you improve your ranking.

Technical Way:

Improve Page Speed

Your Website speed in mobile as well as desktop determines the performance of your website.

Users expect the page to load within 2 seconds or less. Your website bounce rate will increase, if the loading speed is more.

Use Google Pagespeed Insights Tool to check your page speed for free.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Make sure your website looks exactly the same when viewed on mobile devices.

Mobile-Friendly websites will increase the user engagement and also the website visitors. A mobile-friendly website provides good user friendly experience.

Most of the websites lack the Mobile-Friendly aspect which you could take as an advantage and stay ahead of the competition.

Optimize for Voice Search

The number of people using voice search has increased exponentially in recent days. Optimizing your website for voice search can gain you more potential customers.

Especially if you are a local Business, then you have a higher chance of getting listed in the SERP results page.

HTTPS: Secure Website

Using HTTPS over HTTP will protect your data and makes your website look more trustworthy.

The main advantage of using HTTPS is it loads faster and is one of the aspects of Google’s Ranking Algorithm.

From an SEO aspect, HTTPS are a good ranking signal which impacts the search position and ranking.

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Final Thoughts

The most effective way to increase your site traffic organically is by following simple SEO techniques. Do SEO audit for your website frequently and work on both on-page and off-page aspects. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly with constant social presence to gain more visibility. When you practice SEO constantly it’s pretty simple to achieve more sales.


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